Samsung Pay actual experience has an advantage over Apple Pay

Samsung Pay actual experience: has an advantage over Apple Pay?

  In recent years, as the mobile Internet at the high level of domestic financial showing explosive growth of the Internet, while many scenarios and user data to third-party mobile payment has become contested. In this entry in the app and PayPal with a ticket so readily in the past China UnionPay started to fidget, combined with Apple and Samsung Samsung Apple Pay Pay began a war of counterattack.

  This week, after following the Apple Apple Pay, Samsung also opened a public beta for Samsung Pay in China. And micro-letters, PayPal Mobile payments by third parties, such as payment means different Samsung Pay and Apple Pay is based on the Union of near field payment technology (NFC), to complete the shortcut without networking payment process. So, Apple and Samsung Pay Pay experience any different? Who was the more dominant in the various usage scenarios?

  A year of racing, Samsung Samsung Pay (civilian translation: Samsung wise) Apple Apple finally Pay in China soon, the official open beta in China. Apple to launch Samsung Pay Pay early, but in many ways, Samsung Pay has an advantage over Apple Pay, therefore, instead of media calls on Samsung Pay higher.

  Two days ago, Samsung Galaxy S6 to the domestic edge+ and Galaxy Note5 users push a system update on Samsung Pay, if you happen to have two cell phones, then take a look at the following basic course.

  Samsung Pay conditions of use

  You want to use Samsung Pay, you have to have a specific Samsung phone and bank cards.

  For use on:

  Galaxy S6 edge+,Galaxy Note5

  Note: the required city, licensed version


  Bank credit/bank card and credit cards/debit card Guangdong Development Bank

  China Everbright bank credit cards credit cards/bank cards/banking

  China CITIC bank credit card and debit card

  In addition, you will also need a cell phone to upgrade to the latest system:

  You can click on the “settings”-“device”-“system update”-the “update now” to update the system.

  If you don’t know whether the phone is up to date system.

  You can click on the “settings”-“device”-“software” to view your current phone’s baseband version number.

  Latest baseband version:

  Galaxy Note5 N9200ZCU2APB1.

  Galaxy S6 edge+ G9280ZCU2APB1  

  Samsung Pay range available

  Biggest difference Apple and Samsung Pay Pay, can be in does not support China UnionPay Flash feature of NFC payment POS machine. In other words, the Samsung Pay can be used any place with a POS machine, without having to worry about whether it was after the NFC transformation.

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  This feature stems from a startup LoopPay of Samsung’s acquisition in February of this year, the company developed magnetic signal transmission technology (MST) can simulate phone bank card’s magnetic strip to complete payment, this eliminates the business upgrade POS machine trouble. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Cases

  Because of this, Samsung available Pay much more than Apple Pay merchants.

  Samsung Pay tied to card process

  Samsung Pay tied to card process and Apple Pay similar.

  Mobile phone will open the camera identifies your card number, then enter your security code and date, then enter the verification code from banks can.

  However Samsung Pay after tie card process is completed, also processes a download card, Samsung’s description of the process is “download your card and install the associated components of secure payment” has been downloaded can be used normally.

  Samsung Pay actual experience

Samsung Pay actual experience: has an advantage over Apple Pay?

  Edited trial, we found the Samsung Pay payments and Apple Pay is very different.

  Apple Pay payment process is: (black screen or any interface) near the POS machines and fingerprint authentication

  Samsung Pay payment process is: (black screen/lock screen or home screen) manually pull the card interface, fingerprint identification identity, close to the POS machine.

  The user experience in General, Samsung Pay is authorized, after fingerprint screen appears on Countdown to a fan-shaped area, this time near the POS machine will be able to complete your payment. After Apple Pay is authorized, near the POS machine access to transaction information, only needs to identify fingerprint authentication.

  Comparison of two licensing modes, Samsung Pay authorization model on the experience is better, after all, the POS machine placement of each are different, in some places, you can easily press fingerprints, but in some cases your fingerprint is awkward, and Samsung Pay can make your fingerprint in a comfortable position, then openly near the POS machine. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Cases

  Of course, this way in terms of safety still has some small problems, but users simply key-free to pay down the line is OK.


Samsung Pay actual experience: has an advantage over Apple Pay?

  Undoubtedly of is, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay in security and paid link Shang has other third party mobile online paid means by not has of advantage, although than Yu micro-letter and paid treasure, in domestic of started has late has many, but Samsung Pay and Apple Pay by preemption of is POS machine this a standardization degree is high of entrance, mobile paid means of implementation, may is layout phone as line Xia service entrance of important a ring, Apple so, Samsung is likely to do so.

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